Price list of services

Service   Price
  Slovene into foreign language from EUR 20 to EUR 22
  Foreign language into Slovene from EUR 18 to EUR 20
  Foreign into foreign from EUR 23 to EUR 25
  Proofreading Slovene texts EUR 1,50
  Proofreading foreign texts EUR 5
Tuition and lessons    
  SLO, EN, GER EUR 14 (45 min - 1 school lesson)

The prices are quoted without VAT. Pursuant to Paragraph 1, Article 94 of the Slovene Value Added Tax Act (ZDDV-1) we are exempt from VAT.

*The translation price is calculated based on the number of characters in the translated text (1 translation page consists of 1500 characters without spaces).

*Prices also vary according to the combination of languages and difficulty of the text. Technical texts require much more time, effort and additional terminology work than general texts.

Translations, Proofreading, Tuition And Lessons

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